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CCTV Cameras are the Cornerstone of Modern Security


Technology has become extremely accessible to everyone which is why the adoption rate of technology has also gone up by many times. Individuals and organizations are investing in all types of technology that would make them more safer and secure at the same time would afford them an amazing lifestyle with luxury.

One such thing happens to be CCTV cameras which are also known as close circuit TV cameras. As mentioned, the adoption rate of CCTV cameras has gone up by many times that is why camera installation is very much in demand. People left right and center are flocking towards getting a piece of this technology for themselves.

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Importance of CCTV cameras

Though at the face of it, this technology does not sound very revolutionary cause all it does is transmit video from one place to another. Some CCTV cameras do have the capacity to store this video as well. But this piece of technology has become the cornerstone in modern security systems. Be it residential or commercial systems, CCTV cameras are the cornerstone without which the entire system is not well put together. Whether it is the door lock or the boundaries of the house, everywhere CCTV cameras are placed.


Using the video feed coming from CCTV cameras

This piece of technology is important because it has multiple features and multiple uses. Also, this has also become one of the cheapest and most accessible pieces of security technology. Governments can use this piece of technology for the purposes of facial recognition which means that they can identify criminals from a herd Or a huge set of people by using the video feed coming from CCTV cameras. Private properties have also installed this camera technology so that in the event of any crime, the perpetrators could be identified and this video footage can be provided as evidence.


New Version of Cameras

The newer version of cameras can even record video in pitch darkness, detect motion, pick up sound, store video footage for a longer period of time, and can be controlled through a network.

Given that this piece of technology has been improving over time, one would have assumed that the price of this camera has also gone up but that has not been the case. In reality, the prices of CCTV cameras are going down with each passing day.

Camera installation

Since it has already been established the importance of a CCTV camera, this importance can only be used if proper security camera installation procedure has been carried out. The company that you have engaged for the purposes of installation has the right skill set, the right understanding of the technology and proper experience to back up their entire job. If You are looking for best security services provider then you are at right place as Pixel Camera Co best Option For You.

If anything is below excellent, this is gonna raise a huge question mark on your house and your security.

How to Install CCTV Security Camera!!!

There are some important details that a CCTV Security camera Installation Company should always take care of. The camera that they are installing should have a battery backup of at least 16 hours so that in case there’s a power outage intentionally or unintentionally, the camera should be able to do its job regardless of that. Secondly, there should be an additional backup source of electricity as well like external batteries that should be discreet and should not be able to be located by criminals in an event of crime.

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