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Pros & Cons Of Using Home Security Cameras

Every coin has two sides one side has pros while the other one is filled with cons. Or you can say it’s all about perceptions. A thing that is right for someone can be terribly wrong for someone else. Similarly, technology is a dual-edged sword having pros and cons that affect our lives differently. In this article, I am going to highlight some important pros and cons of Home Security camera installation in Queens NY.

Advantages Of Using Security Cameras: 

 The advantages of using security cameras are much more than its disadvantages.  Let’s discuss some significant pros here.  

Keep An Eye On Suspicious Activities 

There I a huge variety of hidden security cameras available in the market. You can use these cameras for many purposes and many ways. Such as, you can hide them in bushes, photo frames, and flower vases and behind various appliances. 

 You can keep an eye on every suspicious activity with these cameras and save yourself from certain mishaps.  

Helps In Staff Invigilation 

Security cameras are very useful at workplaces. You can easily invigilate the activities of your staff and check who is working honestly. Moreover, security cameras at public places like parking lots save you from thefts and other intrusions.  

Reduce Crime Rate 

Security cameras have been proved to be the most effective tools in the reduction of the crime rate.  As you know, there is a hidden camera installed in the dashboard of police cars in America. So even if a law enforcement officer will do something wrong it will be recorded automatically. Security cameras have revolutionized the concept of surveillance.  And have minimized the risk of crime, mishaps, and injustice at public places.  

Maintain business records 

Security cameras help you maintain an accurate record of sales. For instance, if a customer asks for a refund by saying that employee has misbehaved with him/her.  In this kind of scenario, security cameras can help you make the right decision.  

You can check the recording and decide whether the customer is saying right or your employee is speaking the truth.  

Moreover, having a complete record of business details will make you more confident and successful.  

Disadvantages Of Using Security Cameras 

Let’s head up towards the disadvantages of using security cameras.  

It Is Expensive 

Having dummy cameras is affordable. But when it comes to the real cameras then the whole package becomes very expensive.  It can cost from hundred to thousand dollars depending on the features and qualities of cameras you have selected. Moreover, you need installation materials and professional assistance as well that make the whole process quite expensive.  


I hope this brief discussion would have helped you know some of the most significant advantages and disadvantages of using security cameras. In the end, I will like to say that safety is the most important thing to live a peaceful life. Therefore home security cameras is a very useful thing not only for workplaces but homes as well.

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