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Home Security Cameras Services | Residential Surveillance System Yonkers NY

When it comes to home security, you can never be too sure about the wellbeing of your loved ones. To make sure you have an eye around your place, home security cameras are the way to go. Pixel Camera offers Residential Security and Surveillance Cameras that are affordable and effective as they keep an eye to anyone going in and out of the house. We also provide professional CCTV security systems to ensure there are no blind spots around your estate around the clock. So, to make your home impenetrable against intruders in Queens NY, get in touch with us!

Services We Provide in Residential Security Cameras Service

It pays to have the best all-rounder company on board as it can handle all the issues related to residential security cameras services. Pixel Camera operates out of Brooklyn NY and covers repairing, installation, and replacement services related to residential security cameras. So, get in touch with us right away!

Residential CCTV Camera Installation services ​

You are extremely mistaken if you think installing a residential CCTV cameras is simple and easy. It takes a professional to do it properly. Pixel Camera is a leading brand in Manhattan NY for professional installation of residential CCTV cameras. So, call us now for a quick installation service!

Residential Security Camera Repair services

Residential Security Camera Repair services

Hardware is prone to breakage and wear and tear. If you need a professional residential CCTV camera repair company in Hampton County NY, Pixel Camera is the best one in town. We cover repairing of residential security cameras with ease through modern tools and equipment. So, contact us right now!

Residential Security Systems replacement​

In case of replacement of residential security cameras, you need professionals on board to assist you in choosing the best alternative. Pixel Camera has carved out a reputation as one of the best security camera replacement contractors in Nassau County with qualified technicians. So, feel free to connect with us now!

The Best Burglar Alarm Systems

Our home burglar alarm systems installation begins with the strongest burglar alarm choices and tools from the leading burglar alarm system manufacturers. Our knowledge of the task of integrating the best burglar alarms and the best application team can handle everything, from home burglar alarm systems repairs to home burglar alarm systems replacements.

We also provide all-time protection through our infrastructure of customer support centers, which provides comprehensive security monitoring. Our solutions can be easily integrated with your current security systems and include periodic checks, maintenance, and support services.

Why Choose Pixel Camera Co for Residential Security Camera Services ?

Pixel Camera is a licensed, bonded & insured brand of CCTV security cameras services. We have all the hardware and professionals to install, repair, and replace advanced security systems at your place. For a free estimate, call us now!

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License, Bonded & Insured

● Licence, Bonded & Insured

Advanced Security Systems

Advanced Security Systems


What type of security system cameras are best for residential use?

There is a wide range of security system cameras for residential use in the market. Yet, some are superior than others. For modern usage, wireless cameras are the best for both indoors and outdoors. There are a lot of brands in the market that offer different sizes, shapes, and resolution for hardware.

How much does it cost to hire someone to install Residential CCTV security cameras?

What you end up paying for installation of residential CCTV security cameras varies according to the time of the year, your locality, and other factors. Still, the national average cost for installation and setup of a home security camera costs around $125 to $450. Before the actual work, make sure to get an estimate!

What to consider when buying a home surveillance system in Yonkers NY

These days, home surveillance systems come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. In technical terms, there are a lot of variables when it comes to specifications of home surveillance systems. If you are in the market for the best systems, you should consider resolution, mobile application, night vision, two-way audio, video storage, etc.

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