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Business Security Cameras and Commercial Surveillance Services in Yonkers NY | Commercial Security System Provider

Businesses require enhanced security and surveillance to prevent theft and other mistreatment. Pixel Camera is a leading brand in Yonkers NY that offers the best commercial CCTV cameras. We have a well-stacked inventory of indoor and outdoor security cameras for small businesses and large corporations. We have a team of highly skilled and qualified technicians with ample experience and expertise in installation, repairing, and replacement of CCTV cameras. We demand nominal pricing for our world-class services. Thatโ€™s why you will find us among the top search results when you look online for โ€œBest Commercial CCTV Camerasโ€. So, call us now!

Services We Provide in Commercial Security Cameras Service

Pixel Camera is a trusted partner of the community for installation, repairing, and replacement of commercial security cameras. We have all what it takes to be the best in business. Our work is well regarded among our clients as well as our peers. So, feel free to give us a call now!

Install Commercial surveillance system

Commercial CCTV Camera Installation services

It takes skills, personnel, and proper tools to ensure proper installation of commercial security cameras. Pixel Camera is a leading company in Queens NY that offers wholesome installation services for commercial security and surveillance cameras. You can check out our website to know all about our services. So, contact us now!

Commercial Security Camera Repair services

Commercial Security Camera Repair services

No matter the quality of camera hardware, it can break and require repairing to go on. Pixel Camera offers the best commercial security camera repair contractors in Brooklyn NY for resolving issues related to the machines. We demand competitive pricing for our amazing services. So, call us now for a quote about commercial security system provider. 

Commercial Security Systems replacement

Commercial Security Systems replacement

When repairing does not cut it, you need a commercial security camera replacement company to replace the older hardware with the new one. Pixel Camera provide exceptional commercial security camera replacement services to its clients in the area of Nassau County NY. For a cost estimate, feel free to connect with us!

Why Choose Pixel Camera Co for Commercial Security Camera Services ?

Pixel Camera is a licensed, bonded & insured brand of CCTV security cameras services. We have all the hardware and professionals to install, repair, and replace advanced security systems at your place. For a free estimate, call us now!

Free Estimate

License, Bonded & Insured

โ— Licence, Bonded & Insured

Advanced Security Systems

Advanced Security Systems


What Security Cameras Do Professionals Use? | Commercial Security System Provider

Professionals often pick something different than consumers in the market. When it comes to security cameras, professionals rely on 360-degree, fisheye cameras as they offer a field of view of 180-degree without any interruption. The video quality is also often superior than other cameras from the same class. Objectively, there is no universal best camera as it depends on the locality, needs of a client, and other variables.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Someone to Install Commercial Security Cameras?

Depending on the specifications of the cameras, whether they are wired, wireless, IP, or surveillance, you need to pay around $80 to $200 per camera for installation and setup in a commercial space. This is only the labor cost and you may have to pay extra for installation essentials.

What Should I Look for in a Commercial Security System?

Choosing the right security system for your business is different from choosing one for your home. The needs are different and more often than not, size and range of estate are among the variables. While looking for a commercial security system, keep in mind the security interests, risks, features, range, budget, and business growth.

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